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Below are a set of maps of the interior layout of the new Student Union building. For more information about the services listed below, please click on the "Facilities" link in the menu above.

Floorplan of the Bottom Floor

Floorplan of the Bottom Floor
1. Operations, Offices, & Storage
2. Bowling Center
3. Atrium
4. Cyber Cafe and Music Entertainment
5. Lounge
6. Billiard and Table Tennis
7. Theater and Lecture Hall

Floorplan of the Ground Floor

Floorplan of the Ground Floor
1. International and Extended Studies
2. Spartan Food Court
3. Dining Area
4. Information Center
5. Future Retail / Food Space
6. Student Involvement and Student Organization Club Space
7. Cesar Chavez Community Action Center
9. A.S. Print Shop
10. Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Center
11. Women's Resource Center
12. Atrium
13. Spartan Bookstore
14. Retail Store
15. A.S. General Services and Transportation Solutions

Floorplan of the Top Floor

Floorplan of the Top Floor
1. International and Extended Studies
2. Ballroom
3. Open Lounge
4. Meeting Rooms
5. Atrium
6. A.S. Government
7. Student Union Administration
8. Student Union Event Services; Spartan Shops Catering
9. A.S. Computer Services

Throughout the construction of the New Student Union, many services based within affected facilities will be relocated. Below is a listing of services which have moved and to where they have relocated.

  • Burger King – Students looking for burgers and fries should check out the new "University Grille" in the Spartan Food Court.
  • Gold Points Office – Now located in the Spartan Shops main office on the western side of MacQuarrie Hall, behind “Just Below,” the Gold Points Office is still serving students through construction.
  • Market Café – Some services have moved into the Student Union dining area, while others have relocated to the new “Just Below” convenience shop & deli. Healthy dining and food options are now located in “Just Below” on the first floor of MacQuarrie Hall. Coffee, pastry, & bagels are now available both in “Just Below” and the Student Union dining area.
  • Print Shop – Temporarily relocated to Hoover Hall, the Print Shop will move back into the Student Union when all construction is completed in 2014.
  • Spartan Catering Office – Also temporarily relocated, the Spartan Catering Office is now in the north entrance patio of the Student Union building.
  • University Room – Of all the services formerly located in the Old Cafeteria Building, the University Room is the only which cannot be relocated. However, meeting rooms and event space in the Student Union building remain available for use until the building closes for renovations in 2013.



Recent View of West Side

West view of the future Student Union


Recent View of East Side

West view of the future Student Union