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Student Union Expansion and Renovation

The website was created to keep the entire San José State University community informed about the construction of a new Student Union building. On this site you’ll find out how the project is being funded, when it’s expected to be completed, and what facilities & services will be found in the new building. Please take a look around, and if there’s any information you can’t find, visit the Q&A page and submit a question.

Construction Update

With construction of the expansion portions mostly complete, the construction company is going through some of its final steps before handing over the building. One of the steps in this process is called the "flush out." Through the course of construction, the building's air becomes full of particulates and chemicals associated with the construction process. The "flush out" process involves doing a clean sweep of floors and other surface to make sure particulates haven't settled, and then running ventilation for a long enough period of time to clear the air in the building of any fumes, chemicals, or remaining particulates. This process won't take long for the east side, as most of the rooms are small, so the amount of stagnant air in any given space is pretty minimal. For the west side, however, the process will take much longer thanks to the massive new ballroom, large food court seating area, and wide open interstitial seating space.

In preparation of the building's opening, the Student Union will be moving away from our "More Campus Life" branding and folding construction updates into our normal online operations. If you'd like to continue getting updates on the construction project, like us at or bookmark We will continue to post updates to this webiste until summer 2014, at which time will redirect to our corporate home page.

Mid-Spring 2014
  • Flush out of both sides of the building is udnerway.
  • Installation of camera system is 98% complete.
  • Like our new facebook page!.

Lounges Abound

Lounges Abound


Divvying Barret Ballroom

Divvying Barret Ballroom



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Recent View of West Side

West view of the future Student Union


Recent View of East Side

West view of the future Student Union